The Best Creative Hashtags To Get Your Work Noticed

A big mistake that most of us make when starting out on Instagram is ignoring hashtags. Hashtags are far and away the most effective tool for growing your following and increasing engagement with your images on Instagram – a tool that really shouldn’t be overlooked.

That being said it can be hard to know where to start with hashtags – there are literally millions of them, and using any old hashtags isn’t going to get you anywhere. Hashtags are most effective when they are implemented with purpose, so we’ve rounded up some of the best hashtags for you to use to get your work noticed on Instagram.


The hashtag designed to encourage creatives to support each other, not compete. This is an ethos we can get behind! Expect light and bright images from the daily lives of creatives.


Behind the scenes shots of creative workspaces. Check here for desk inspiration!


Share your shots from your DSLR camera in this hashtag! Expect beautifully shot, high quality images here.


Share your latest creative project here, in action or completed! Expect all kind of Pinterest-worthy creations!


Beautiful bright and light images of anything that inspires creativity.


Share anything with a community of creatives. Expect to see gorgeous images from incredibly skilled creatives.


Happy images from the lives of creatives. Expect images that spark creativity, and images of creatives creating!


Creative, beautiful moments shared from – you guessed it – different people from around the world’s Saturdays. Share your images here if they’re bright, light and airy (and taken on a Saturday!).


What’s better than an Instagram hashtag filled with beautiful, moody images? An Instagram hashtag filled with beautiful, moody images, and a Game of Thrones pun as a name.


Creative captures of everyday life from around the globe. This hashtag is guaranteed to inspire!

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