5 Apps All Freelancers Need

Utilising apps can take help reduce the stress out of running your own business – and who doesn’t want that? These five apps are must haves for anyone who owns their own business or blog!


A must for anyone juggling multiple projects. Toggl allows you to log time spent on different activities, so when it comes to invoicing your clients at the end of the month, you have an accurate time log of how long you’ve spent working on each project. You can track project names, client names, and tasks within the app. It’s simple and easy to use, simply press go!


The perfect calendar app for the detail oriented. Track meetings, appointments and events, add in notes, and the app will give you real time travel information, weather updates, and you can set multiple alerts too. The handy new heat calendar shows you at a glance what days are busiest, and you can customise the theme to any colour scheme you like. It’s visually pleasing and well designed, and perfect for keeping track of busy schedules.


There are a thousand and one note taking apps available, but we always come back to Simple Note. It’s a no-frills approach to digital notes, simply start typing away. It’s compatible across all your devices, and is the perfect app for scribbling down unexpected inspiration, memos and reminders.


A must have for anyone running an Instagram account. Queue up your Instagrams ahead of time, and simply accept a push notification at the allocated time to publish. A great app if you want to up your Instagram game, but don’t have time to write out a thousand and one hashtags throughout the day.


Love working in coffee shops, but hate the dent in your bank balance? Download Coffitivity and play ambient coffee shop sounds through your phone. Isn’t technology wonderful?

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