A Social Media Checklist for Bloggers + Small Business Owners

Social media is a key tool for promoting your business, blog, Etsy store – whatever, but it’s only going to be useful to you if you’re dedicating time to sharing + building your accounts daily.

To help you get on top of your social media channels in 2017, we’re sharing a free printable social media checklist that you can refer to for daily social tasks.


  • Reply to incoming tweets + direct messages. In this day and age, nobody expects to have to wait more than a few hours for a tweet reply, especially if your business is mostly conducted online. We recommend checking in 3/4 times a day to reply to any tweets or messages that have come in.
  • Engage with other creatives in your field. This is key for so many reasons, it helps build an image of your brand as a real person, or team of real people, it helps you reach other potential consumers, + is really the whole point of Twitter!
  • Follow someone new. A blog reader who is always engaging with your content, a fellow creative within your field, a potential customer. Follow someone new – and say hi!
  • Queue 3-5 shares of new content/products. Research suggests that each tweet you send will only be seen by up to 20% of your followers, so share your latest and greatest multiple times a day!
  • Share 2 old posts. A lot of the time we’re great at sharing our newest pieces, and we forget about our archives. If your content is still relevant, share it!


  • Reply to comments. Engage with your followers!
  • Ask a question or start a discussion. Facebook is the platform for longform interaction. Without the 140 character restriction of Twitter, it’s the best place to ask those burning questions you have of your audience, or to engage your followers in a discussion that helps build your brand identity.
  • Share new content/products + an archive post. Work on your #shamelessselfpromotion.
  • Engage with content from other bloggers/small business owners. Get your name out there and share the love – the more you give the more likely you are to receive!


  • Post a new image. Use relevant hashtags + pick a time when your followers are most active (use an app like UNUM to see when that is)!
  • Like + comment on images using the same hashtags as you. Pick a few of your recently used hashtags, go through the images and like 20-30, and comment on 10.
  • Follow someone new. When you’re trailing the hashtags, when you see an account you like, follow it!
  • Share 2-4 images on your Story. We’ve already shared the reasons you should be using Instagram stories for your business, so check that out and share 2-4 images from behind the scenes of your work life.
  • Reply to comments. As with Twitter, check in periodically throughout the day and reply to any comments on your images.
  • Engage with users in your niche. The more you engage, the more your profile will be seen, so get liking + commenting!


  • Share your blog post title images. Strong title images (bold portrait images with compelling titles, strong branding) are Pinterest gold. Make sure your captions are strong + packed with keywords, and share them with links back to your site.
  • Share your Instagram images. A lot of people forget to share their Instagram images over on Pinterest, but Instagram images do notoriously well on Pinterest.
  • Repin images that fit with your brand identity. Check out our guide to what you should be sharing on Pinterest to figure out what that means for you.
  • Follow someone new. + keep engaging!

Download our handy list to keep yourself accountable!

What does your daily social media checklist look like?

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