5 Reasons People Aren’t Reading Your Blog

It’s frustrating, you’ve put in the time taking photos, editing them, writing copy, maximising your SEO potential, scheduling tweets + shares and yet – nobody is reading your blog. It happens, in a world where we are over saturated with content everywhere we look, you have to fight for your content to be read.

But sometimes, you can have the best written articles, and the best shot photos in the world and yet you’re still not getting those clicks. We’ve rounded up five key reasons people might not be reading your posts + how you can fix them in just a few minutes.

  1. The links you’re sharing aren’t direct. If the links you’re sharing on social media are going via Google+, Bloglovin’, an RSS feed, and not direct to your site, you’ll lose traffic. The more clicks it takes for people to reach your content, the less likely they are to follow through. When sharing on social, share a direct link to the article you’re talking about, make it easy for your readers.
  2. You have pop ups on entry. People hate pop ups, it’s just a fact. Let your reader browse your site, get to know your style before you start nagging them to sign up to your email newsletter/facebook group/top secret club.
  3. You’re not breaking up your posts. If your posts are just one big block of text, readers are going to take one look and click off. By breaking up your text with sub-headings, images, diagrams, even the odd numbered list, you’re increasing the readability and making it easier for your audience to navigate.
  4. Your titles are boring. You can have the best written content in the world but if your title sucks, people aren’t going to click through. Use our guide to creating killer blog post titles to help you get started.
  5. Your site isn’t mobile friendly. It’s 2017, your site needs to be mobile friendly. Readers don’t want to faff around making your text easier to read and sites easier to navigate, they want it done for them. Having a mobile friendly site will also help you in the Google Rankings, so it really is a must do!

What stops you from reading a blog?

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