How Journalling Can Help Spark Creativity

Back to school season always gets our creative juices flowing – perhaps more so than the New Year. Unlike the New Year, we don’t find ourselves in a post-Christmas food coma, surrounded by people failing at their ill advised resolutions. Instead, the promise of a new academic year has us thinking of new projects, fresh ideas and cracking on with some good old fashioned hard work.

Motivation and inspiration however, do not always come hand in hand, and when inspiration is lacking, we like to turn to journalling.

Creativity breeds more creativity so putting pen to paper is a great way to get the inspiration flowing. You may have not one single idea in your head, but after putting pen to paper for twenty minutes, be flush with them.

Journaling is a great way to keep your creative brain active when there’s other stuff going on around you. You might not have time to devote to your passion project, but taking some time out to journal helps keep that creative spark alite.

Whether you want to scribble ideas down, doodle, or follow prompts, create a journaling schedule and stick to it!

Here are 20 of our favourite journaling prompts for when we feel stuck.

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