5 Simple Tips for Brighter Images

Whether you’re advertising your products or sharing snaps on Instagram, everyone is looking for ways to make their images brighter. Its not just personal preference, research has shown that brighter images with white space garner 24 % more interaction on Instagram.

So how do you go around making your images brighter? We’ve rounded up our five golden rules for lighter + brighter images, to make your next photo session easier.

  1. Shoot on bright, overcast days. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about the bright sunny days. In fact, shooting in direct sunlight causes stronger shadows and harsher highlights. Pick a day where the sky is bright and white for that ultimate ‘soft box glow’.
  2. Use more white space. The more white space in your image, the brighter the final outcome. It helps to shoot in a room with white walls too, so your photographs aren’t tinged with colour.
  3. Shoot on a tripod. Or at least, balance your camera somewhere still. If your camera is still you can shoot on a slower shutter speed, letting more light in. Be wary of changing the shutter speed if the camera isn’t on a tripod however, as this can cause your images to come out grainy.
  4. Invest in a reflector. If you’re taking a lot of product shots, we can’t recommend reflectors enough. They bounce the light around minimising shadows and helping keep things bright. Alternatively, place a mirror next to the product, for a similar effect.
  5. Utilise the Curves tool in editing apps. It’s simple to use, and a great way to add brightness to your final image without compromising the quality. We love to use AColorStory for that!

How do you keep your images bright?

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