Social Media Services

Ready to bring your brand into the digital age, but not sure how? 

Perhaps you need a little guidance knowing what you should and shouldn’t post, or you’re not sure which platform is right for you? Or maybe you just want someone to take them off your hands completely, so you can concentrate on what you do best? Our prices are flexible based on your requirements, so get in touch to find out how we can help you promote your brand on social media. 


  • Help you decide where and what you should be posting on social media.
  • Help you understand the benefits of social media and why you should be active.
  • Create content strategies and content templates for you to use across different platforms.
  • Take over your social media accounts for you so you no longer have to worry about them.
  • Create carefully curated emails to send to your email subscription.


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram 
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • MailChimp
  • TinyLetters

SOCIAL STRATEGY: We create a plan of action for your team to implement across your social channels. This includes A guide to what you should be posting on different platforms & when, as well as an analysis of similar businesses’ social accounts, and how you can learn from them.

Prices start from £200.

SOCIAL CONTENT CALENDAR: We create a content calendar for your team to follow and implement. This is essentially a step by step guide of what to post when for optimum engagement across your channels.

Prices start from £50 per month, per channel.

SOCIAL TAKEOVER: You give us your login details, and we do the rest! Perfect for businesses who want a strong social presence, but don’t have the time to implement this themselves.

Prices start from £15 an hour for content management, and £20 an hour for on site work, such as photography or meetings. 

MAIL TIME: Got an email subscription list you’re not making the most of? We can create engaging emails designed with optimum click through in mind, to be sent to your subscription list.

Prices start from £60 per email, or £200 a month for weekly news shots. 

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