6 Business Travel Must Haves

For most people travel is a perk of the job, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a little stressful. What with making sure you’ve packed all the right chargers, emails at the airport + 30 hour travel days, it’s not all post meeting drinks. Today we’ve got a round up of six awesome products to invest in that will help make your next work trip less stressful.

The Knomo Grosvenor Place Expandable Tote. The carry on we’ve been dreaming of. Made with leather and premium nylon, it’s beautiful but durable, and guaranteed to hold up to whatever your travels throw at it. There’s room inside for a laptop, A4 files, your in flight essentials, and it’s got a few different zip up pouches for any valuables.

Emergen-C Immunity Support. Stave off the inevitable post-flight cold! Nobody has time to be ill on a work trip, so keep dosed up with Vitamin C before, during and after you travel.

Cocoon Grid-It Organiser. Avoid the airport rummage around for important cables/USB Sticks/chargers, and keep everything organised with a Grid-It. These are a personal favourite of our team, they’ll hold pretty much everything and help you keep the bottom of your bag clear of clutter.

Syncwire USB Charger Plug. Save yourself from carting around fifteen plugs for a hotel room that will inevitably have only one socket. This handy little USB Charging Plug doesn’t take up much room, but can charge four devices at a time. Handy if you’re travelling with a phone, iPod, iPad, portable charger + a hundred other devices.

Kikki K Leather Travel Wallet. Keep your travel documents, passport, foreign currency and tickets all secure and to hand. Kikki K make beautiful leather goods and what better to keep all your travel essentials secure?

Elefull Portable Charger Bank. Because no one’s phone has ever lasted a whole travel day! This portable charger has enough juice to charge an iPhone four times, and can charge multiple devices at once, very handy for when you can’t find an airport plug!

What are your travel must haves?

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